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Quadro Modular Glijbaan Bekijk groter

Quadro Modular Glijbaan


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This set contains:

  • Straight slide 145 cm long
  • Exit for slides 45 cm long
  • Set of clips for slides contains:
    • 4 black clips for panels, to fix the entrance of the slide
    • 2 long yellow bolts to attach the slide and the exit to the tubes.
    • 2 blue bolts to fix the slide on the sides
    • 2 yellow counterparts to secure the blue bolts on the sides
    • 2 protective covers to close the openings on the side of the slide. These are used if the slide is not attached to the exit with the 2 blue bolts.


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Quadro Modular Glijbaan

Quadro Modular Glijbaan