Schleich 98644 Advent Calendar Dinosaurs 2022
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Schleich 98644 Advent Calendar Dinosaurs 2022

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Celebrating Christmas like they did 250 million years ago: sounds crazy but with the Dinosaurs 2022 Advent Calendar from Schleich® Dinosaurs you can spend Christmas Eve with Mom, Dad and lots of impressive ancient saurians. You might have to train your dinos to sit still so they don't scare away Santa Claus when he comes down the chimmney, or he might be scared off by the RRRROOOAAARRRRRR and take your presents elsewhere!

Content: 1x Luis, 1x campfire, 1x Blue Bird, 1x cup, 1x backpack, 1x Baby Stegosaurus, 1x Saichania, 1x corn dog, 1x plate, 1x mopane leaves, 1x bait, 1x Archaeopteryx, 1x camping chair, 1x flashlight, 1x cell phone, 1x lettuce, 1x knife, 1x bottle, 1x binoculars, 1x Velociraptor, 1x acacia leaves with branch, 1x tree stump, 1x bone, 1x Baby T-Rex8

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