Hama Beads

Hama Beads

Hama Maxi beads are suitable for the smallest children who have not yet developed sufficient motor skills to manage the beads in our systems.

The bigger 10mm diameter beads are easy for tiny fingers to position on a pegboard and can be ironed when the design is ready. Maxi is therefore also part of our ironing system.

Pegs for ages 3 and up - easy for smaller fingers to use.

Hama Midi beads are 5.0 mm in diameter and can be used in two different ways. They can be ironed or sewn to produce finished designs.

The ironing system is probably the one you are most familiar with. The beads are laid out on a pegboard and then ironed (remember to leave this part to an adult) until they have fused together.

Hama Mini beads are the smallest beads in our range with a diameter of just 2.5 mm. This size is suitable for children aged ten and over. Lots of adults also enjoy Mini beads as an alternative to cross-stitch embroidery. 

The size of these beads makes it possible to produce very detailed patterns. Patience is required.